Walk with the Lord

Author/Contibutors: Sue Mepham

Key: E Major
Time Signature: 4/4
BPM: 130

This is a simple gospel song, with a calypso rhythm and easy chords. (It could also be played in D major + capo 2.) The energetic, upbeat style makes it a good song for the close of service.

The song was originally titled ‘The Beat of a Different Drum’.

Using a musical metaphor, I wanted to convey the idea that as individuals, we are all wired
differently. We have different interests, gifts, and skills, and we all respond to God differently.

Our call to unity (Ephesians 4) doesn’t mean we are called to be uniform. Our individual
challenge is to keep in time with God’s beat. He is the master conductor, Kaiwhakahaere,
can create a masterful symphony, or even a colourful calypso band, as we to respond to the
rhythms of the Holy Spirit.

Song - Walk with the Lord