Prayer of Saint Francis

Author/Contibutors: Sue Mepham

Key: B Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
BPM: 79

St. Francis died in 1226 but he has left us a message for our times, a message of peace. He hōnore, he kororia, maungārongo ki te whenua.
The stories of his life portray a man who was attuned to God’s presence everywhere …. in the world, in the heavens, in the wild creatures, in people and in himself. (Richard Rohr said) “Creation itself was Francis’ primary cathedral”, his place of worship.

The Prayer of St Francis was written 800 years old. It’s an ancient prayer, which expresses a deep yearning for peace and for reconciliation,

“where there is hatred, let me bring your love”

When we pray this prayer, we join voices with generations of people before us who prayed these words, longing to bring peace to the world around them.

When Kevin Ward was speaking at church one Sunday last year, he asked if we could sing “The Prayer of St Francis”. On that particular week, I felt like writing a tune that would complement the ancient, magnificent words.… something new, something fresh, something in a minor key.

I have called the tune “Rangimārie” which means peace.

Early Autumn, Qian Xuan, 13th century, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan.