Prayer for Others

By David

Father God, hear our prayer for others.

Be with and bless all those who are close to us. Our husbands and wives, partners, parents, children and grandchildren. All our families, friends and workmates. Help us to be Your light, witnessing for You as we care for and interact with these people day by day. Be with them Lord today and every day as they face the material world and help them to see Your care in all around them.

For all instructors, critics and opinion setters: may they teach and build on whatever things are true, honest, just pure and worthy of praise.

Be with our church leaders – give them a clear vision of the path that will grow your kingdom in our land and bring people closer to you. Help us to find the God space, so that we leave the church on Sunday to be the church from Monday to Saturday.

Especially today Lord we pray for our politicians.

For our local politicians as they cope with climate change. Help them to be compassionate and caring for those who struggle to care for themselves. May they develop our city along the lines that our founders proposed that we may be an example of a faith-based community, acting as an example to others.

Be with our national politicians. Help them to resist the temptation to be popular rather than ethical and make them eager to create a society that looks after the least rather than celebrating those who have the most.

Especially at this time, we ask your hand to be over all those affected by the Covid Pandemic. Grant leaders the wisdom to choose the right path for the good of all. Father, we pray for peace – Give world leaders a hatred of war. Keep the suffering of refugees and the danger of escalating belligerence foremost in their thinking. May all countries be eager to embrace world peace, quick to dismiss the greed of corporate business models and anxious to reduce the suffering of poverty, despair, disease and extreme weather.

Lord we pray for the weak – those who suffer – the sick, the poor, the distressed, the lonely, the unloved, the persecuted, the unemployed, those who grieve. Be also with all those who care for them.

Comfort and heal us, Lord, those who are in sorrow, need, sickness or any other trouble. Give us a firm trust in your goodness. Be with all those in our hospitals, hospices, homes, halfway houses, shelters and refuges. The residents and the carers.

We all have our personal concerns and so now in a short period of silence, we ask you to be with those who we name in our hearts at this time.

And lastly Lord we pray for ourselves, that we may remain mindful of the needs of others – quick to respond to them in a generous and caring manner. Keep us close to you and enable us by your Spirit to live in love for you and for one another.

In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.


Prayer for Others

By David

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