Our God You are the Rock

By Tim

When our lives and the world around us seems confused and shrouded with uncertainty… you are
the Rock.

You are the Rock in whom we can take shelter.

It is in you that we can have comfort, it is the hope of your promises and in your Word …. that we can
hold close to us.

Father we are surrounded by issues that create uncertainty and fear

  • Allepo, Barrel bombs, civilian casualties
  • Russia warns America
  • Random terrorist attack
  • Clinton, Trump
  • Brexit
  • North Korea nuclear tests
  • Housing affordability
  • Homelessness

Sound bites like these bounce off us every day but with repetition slowly infiltrate our thoughts.

Closer to home we face everyday issues that concern our families, friends and loved ones.

Father God you are the Rock.

Help us to remember that you are above all things.

You have revealed yourself throughout time as the Creator, Eternal, Almighty.

Through Jesus you revealed yourself and by your Holy Spirit you dwell in us.

That you promise a new life in harmony with you that is eternal.

You are a just and forgiving God and that you have already conquered the things that we fear.

That your Church has been established worldwide to make a difference
And that Jesus you will come again.



Our God You are the Rock

By Tim

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