A Prayer for Children at Risk

Author/Contibutors: Cheryl

We are going to pray for the children- tamariki- of Aotearoa New Zealand, especially for those who may not know the great love of God or love of family that we are celebrating today.

Let us pray

God of love, we pray for our nation’s children and especially for children who are neglected or abused, lonely or afraid and may not know that anyone loves them

We pray for what our children hear
We pray for children who hear words of hate and voices of violence’For children who hardly ever or never hear ‘I Love you’ ‘well done’ ‘I’m proud of you’
God of love, help us to speak kindly to children and speak up FOR children when we get the chance

We pray for what our children see
For children who see poverty, violence, greed or hopelessness
God of love, help us to show kindness and generosity to children and the people and agencies who work with the most vulnerable children in NZ

We pray for what children feel
For children who feel afraid or helpless
For children who feel anxious or are often hungry
God of love, please provide children with places of safety and belonging, food for each day and peace in the middle of hard times

We pray for how our children grow- for what they hear, see and feel.
God of love help us to be agents of your love, to protect and care for the children of our nations for they loved are our treasure- our taonga

We pray in Jesus name – who set an example for us in the way He loved and welcomed children



A Prayer for Children at Risk


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